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It’s like you’re frozen and the whole world’s going on around you. No matter how many people want to be there for you, you end up going through this alone.

Lana Lang

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Write characters who are people

Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people. So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong. Write characters who are people.

Write characters who are people.

Morality is more precious than immortality. That’s why human life is beautiful.

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Episode 6 Prologue

Lord Park: Kang Chi, why did you beat up your friends?
Kang Chi: They said I was an orphan abandoned in the river!
Lord Park: Do you feel ashamed that you were abandoned in the river?
Kang Chi: Yes.
Lord Park: But, Kang Chi...I think it's a good thing. If you hadn't drifted down that river then...I would have never met you.
Kang Chi: My Lord...
Lord Park: Even if it's not blood-related, family can be formed through love. In my heart, you're already my son. Do you understand?

OST “ Spring Rain -  Baek Ji Young “


OST “ Spring Rain -  Baek Ji Young “

Until now, I’ve seen countless people who are born as humans but acted even worse than beasts. What gives you the right to call yourself “human” isn’t in your origins, but is the pure heart you’re keeping inside of you.

Admiral Lee Soon Shin to Choi Kang Chi (via ballerinakaya)

I’ve seen countless people born as human, who live as worse than beasts. The thing that determines your humanity is not your birth, but your heart.

구가의 서 (Gu Family Book)

The things I do when I'm not writing: I just found a really good k-drama that has all the things I love...


I just found a really good k-drama that has all the things I love right now:

1.) A plot based on supernatural lore that DOESN’T try to soften things up with rom-com (although it does have cute moments) elements and doesn’t try to cover up the horror-aspects of the genre (ie: monsters aren’t ideal…